How to reduce thigh fat?

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How to reduce thigh fat? how to reduce thigh fat exercise? Want to reduce thigh fat without exercise?

Fat is human essential. Food that we eat is converted into fat and other essentials by our digestive system to keep our body healthy. Sometimes the food we consume is a lot more than we actually use it. The food we eat is counted in the form of calories. Every adult man should consume 2000 to 3000 calories per day. Likewise, every woman should have 1600 to 2400 calories per day. When the calories are more than we actually burn, it accumulates as fat. But when this fat exceeds a stipulated amount inside of us it becomes problematic.

The food that we eat every day is not the sole cause for weight gain. Sometimes the reason behind it varies from medical conditions to genetic components too. People with hypothyroidism, diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome also gain excess weight in their body. Most of these problems in this modern era are curable or have solutions. Taking proper medicines along with proper food diet control will give us excellent results.

In this article we are going to concentrate on the fat that is mainly gathered on the thighs. This thigh fat sometimes makes us feel inferior. If we are someone who sticks with Indian ethnic costumes then this shouldn’t be a big concern. But when we choose to wear something western hip and thigh fats are our stumbling stones. Do not worry as I said earlier everything has a solution in this modern era. Let’s get into details.


Where there is a WILL there’s a WAY

Fat accumulation in our body leads to serious health problems and loss of stamina. There is always good fat and bad fat in our body. The good fat gives us energy to work throughout the day. Whereas the bad fat stays inside of us making itself a stubborn fat. It mostly accumulates itself in hips, lower belly, arm pits, thighs and buttocks region. Slowly and steadily it gets bigger and bigger until the day we notice it. We immediately start working towards weight loss and most of us sooner or later lose our will power. In the initial stage of exercises, we do not shed a lot instead we sweat a lot. Considering it as fat loss and we slowly stop the workout process. Instead of working out more and more, we lose our curiosity. The stubborn fat would not even be moved initially let alone be reduced.

One’s will towards the reduction of weight and static improvements in food are the main cause for weight reduction. For many of us weight reduction is a challenge and completely unreachable. Whereas there are persons who attain that very easily.  Within a very short span of time they lose their weight and get back to shape beautifully. The main thing that drives these people is their Will Power.

Even if it is not for the sake of weight reduction, proper intake of healthy foods and proper exercises every person can live a healthy life. It is not mandatory that we should workout only after we become overweight. We can start from our initial days and keep ourselves healthy which saves us from unwanted diseases.

Reasons for the thigh fat:

what causes thigh fat?

Food is the chief reason and we all know that. But there are some people who eat a real less amount of food and still gain more weight. Food must be consumed in the proper amount and right calories. When we have more and more food, we gain weight. Similarly, when we consume less amount also, we gain weight. The reason behind this is when we starve ourselves the body starts producing steroids due to stress and this steroids plays a major role in weight gain. So, consuming and burning the calories must be in proper scale to have a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The lifestyle of the majority of people these days are sitting and working. Unlike our ancestors who did manual work daily equal to more than they consumed in their everyday life. We most of the time work in the seating position and consume more than our bodies actually need. The delicious foods available in the market these days contain more calories or fat.

Especially in this daily fast, no time kind of lifestyle. We don’t have time to cook a decent or healthy meal. We depend on the packet foods and consume it regularly. The ingredients that are added on the packet foods mainly concentrate on taste rather than health.

Another major role of weight gain are fast foods and packet foods. These two contain more calories than we actually know. When consumed on a regular basis it certainly leads to fat storage.

The soft drinks that most of us consume instead of water have more and more sugar than we estimate. Constant consumption of these products will surely lead us to the path of mass increase in our body.

Here I am going to list the natural and best way of both weight reducing and healthy lifestyle. The details that I am going to share gives us a healthy and beautiful body.


How to reduce thigh fat:

Exercises are always human friendly. Especially for people whose job is to work in a seated position for a long time. Simple exercises like walking, jogging do a major difference when done on a daily basis.

We could have thought about what exercises our parents or grandparents did to maintain their weight??

Why should we do it regularly?

The answer to this is our parents or grandparents never had fast foods, packet foods or even high sugary foods. Most of the time they do manual work. In India both men and women did manual work that is equal to most of the exercises that we do on a day to day basis.

Gym workout: Most people hit the gym these days. People do gym workouts for both gaining muscles and losing weight. When it comes to thigh fat, gym workout is the best. The stair master, thread mill, cycling etc gives great beneficiary in reducing the thigh fat. It not only decreases the mass but also tone our legs making it celluloid free.

Running/jogging: These are best choices one could make to reduce their weight especially the thigh fat. The calories are burned crazily when we run or jog and help us to reduce overall weight. Legs are made even stronger in this method and we acquire more stamina too.

Aerobics: Another interesting way of losing weight. People who cannot step out and do running or jogging can adopt this method. Aerobics comes under various forms like low impact and high impact exercises.

Low impact: This comes for beginners and intermediate level people.

High impact: This is for people who are in full physical condition to do high way of training.

Dancing: This is also a form of Aerobic workout but can be done happily. We can dance for a fast moment song right at our home. We can start with 20 to 30 minutes in the beginning and 45 to 1 hour to the max which burns our calories and gives us stamina and a healthy lifestyle.

Skipping: Start this with 100 counts in the beginning and reach up to 1000 to the max. Check your weight every week. Find happiness with your reducing weight numbers.

Jumping jacks: Similar to skipping or rope jumping, this includes our hands also. Here two moves equal one. So just bang it.

High knees: pushing one knee towards your chest upon tapping your hands on it and Switch sides. Starting from a slow phase you can make it fast as much as your body allows you to do.

Squats: This form of exercise mainly concentrate on our lower body. Keep your legs apart and join your palms together. Squat halfway and rise up. Squatting ¾ to the ground gives you great results but beginners should do halfway and then can reach their hearts desire. Squats counts can be started from minimum of 10 and reach up to 50 if your body permits. This not only tones your thighs but also buttocks, hips etc. Squats is a very easy form of exercises that can be even during your work time also.

Lunges: This is also a lower body workout which mainly concentrates on legs. Kneeling one leg behind and other foot in front of the body. This does miracles to your thighs. The initial pain completely vanishes as the days progress.

Reverse Plank: Another effective way of getting rid of thigh fat is reverse plank. As the name states, plank in the reverse direction and try to lift one leg at a time.

Along with these burpees, inner and outer thigh lifts, wall sits, step ups can also be added to reduce the thigh fat.

When all these combinations are done in order every day and the intake of food in the right way then fat accumulation is out of the question. We owe our body a lot so take care of it.


Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.


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