How to reduce extra Face fat? (Cheek Fat)

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How to remove facial meat?remove facial flesh in a week. Do you have any question related to How to reduce extra Face fat? (Cheek Fat). Then you are at right place. There are many women who want to have a small face. For that purpose, it is important to remove fat from the face! This time, I asked a weight loss outpatient doctor, to teach us how to reduce extra fat from face to make it smaller and smart.

I want to get rid of fat on my face!

If you have fat on your face, it will look bigger. The overall impression is that it’s fat. I think there are many people who are worried about facial fat like that.

When the fat on the face is reduced and the face becomes smaller, the parts such as eyes and nose look bigger and more impressive. So how do you reduce facial fat and how do you get a smaller face?

But what causes fat on your face?

The first thing to think about is that there is a lot of fat in the whole body, not just the face. It is unlikely that you will get fat only on your face.

If you’re worried that you’ve recently started to get fat on your face, check to see if your weight has changed significantly in the last few months.

It is also important to know your body fat percentage as well as your weight. According to the e-Health Net of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the body fat percentage classified as “normal” is 15 to 20% for men and 20 to 25% for women. If it becomes more than that, it will be judged as “obesity”. Check to see if your body fat percentage is within “normal”.

For those who fall under the category of “obesity” and are within the “normal” range, reducing body fat will naturally reduce facial fat.

How to reduce extra Face fat? (Cheek Fat)

Caused by swelling!?? What is the type that tends to get fat on the face?

There are people with similar body shapes who have plenty of fat on their faces and those who don’t. Even though my face is fat, when I look at my body, it may be unexpectedly thin. What’s the difference?

It is believed that swelling is involved. I thought it was fat, but in many cases my face was just swollen.

Edema is caused by a variety of factors that block the flow of lymph and prevent waste products from being excreted.

For example, excessive salt, excessive alcohol intake, lack of exercise, etc. Muscle stiffness is also a factor that impedes lymphatic flow. Also be aware that your facial muscles are stiff or stiff.

In addition, it is said that fat tends to stick to places where the muscles are stiff and cold. If you have a lot of fat on your abdomen and thighs, isn’t that part cold? If the blood circulation around the face is poor and it is cold, it is easy for fat to adhere to the face.

Type that tends to get fat on the face

  • Cold sensitivity
  • Poor complexion
  • Drinking alcohol often
  • No exercise
  • I like strong-tasting foods
  • I often eat instant food

So what exactly should I do to get rid of fat on my face? 

There are several ways to reduce your face fat some of the recommended are:

  • Reduce the amount of sugar

It is difficult to reduce only facial fat, but if you reduce overall fat, you can also reduce facial fat. Improving your diet is the fastest way to reduce body fat. Many people start exercising, such as jogging or muscle training, but the calories they can burn are not very high.

First, reduce sugar-rich foods. It’s easy to reduce the amount of rice (staple food), but before that, make sure you don’t eat sugary sweets on a daily basis.

There are some people who eat sweets even though they pull out rice, but that doesn’t make them lose weight and is not good for their health.

How to reduce extra Face fat? (Cheek Fat)

  • Try not to make time for hunger

It is also important not to make a long time on an empty stomach. If you eat on an empty stomach, your blood sugar level will rise sharply. Then, it will tends to secret a hormone called insulin, and fat tends to increase.

If you skip breakfast because you’re on a diet, or if you’re busy and just have one rice ball for lunch, your blood sugar may be skyrocketing the next meal. Try not to lengthen your hunger time by taking good snacks. You can also reduce the amount of food you eat at one time and divide it into five meals a day.

It is effective to incorporate moderate exercise while correcting the wrong diet. Body fat doesn’t decrease immediately, so don’t rush and do your best for a couple of months.

  • Avoid strong dishes

To reduce swelling, it is important to reduce salt content. If you like deep-tasting dishes, you can do it little by little, so let’s make a habit of light taste.

Eating out and ready-to-eat foods are especially high in salt. Because of that, your face may be fluffy. For those who eat out or eat at convenience stores every day, swelling can be improved simply by increasing self-catering.

  • Ingest potassium

Be aware of your potassium intake. Potassium helps eliminate waste products and reduces swelling of the face. It is abundant in spinach, prunes, avocados, almonds, green soybeans, bananas and seaweeds.

        Facial muscle exercise

If you want to reduce the fat on your face and aim for a small face, facial muscle exercise is also recommended. By moving the muscles on the face, it improves blood circulation and loosens the entire face. It is also effective in eliminating swelling.

Open your mouth wide with “aiueo”, squeeze it small and move it left and right, or raise the corner of your mouth to keep it. Facial muscle exercises that open your eyes and close them tightly are also good. Try to move the facial muscles that are not used up in your daily life.

Even if you do it once for about 3 minutes, the complexion of your face will improve and you will get a refreshing impression. If you keep your facial expressions rich, your facial muscles will not be stiff.


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