How to reduce double chin?

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How to reduce double chin?Are you fed up with your double chin and finding a way to reduce it?How to reduce double chin?What are the best exercise to reduce double chin?

Double chin is a fat accumulated in neck below our chin. It is cause due to irregularity of Platysma muscles. Various factors are responsible for double chin such as your posture, your age, your diet and weight. Let us understand one by one.

Double chin causes

  1. Diet – Your diet plays a crucial in the development of double chin. An unhealthy diet not only increases your body fat but also the cause of double chin formation. We are in a habit of eating fast food such as noodles, French fries, dosa and other spicy items. But ever we thought about the consequences. Eating fast food is not a bad idea but having too much will make bad impact in your health.
  2. Weight – Unhealthy diet and Weight are directly proportional. Consuming unhealthy food and drinks will automatically leads to high weight.
  3. Age – The skin starts losing its elasticity as we grow old. It is usual in the high age factor groups. Usually one out of three people suffers from double chin when they are above 50.
  4. Genetics – Genetic plays a crucial role in the development of double chin. If anyone of your precedents either father or fore-fathers have this problem then it may transfers to you.
  5. Posture – Bad posture weakens your muscles elasticity. This leads to double chin after the times passes.


Double Chin Exercise – double chin reduction exercise|double chin yoga

There are some popular exercise which can help you to reduce your double chin. You have to focus much and much on neck muscles stretching. The exercise which leads to your neck stretching will give you a fruitful result. Let us know some of the famous exercises one by one.

  1. Kiss the ceiling fan – Stand just below your ceiling fan and raise your neck up. You lips must be in kissing position like you do in selfie sometimes. Stand still in the same position for 20 to 25 seconds. Do it 10 times a day. For faster recovery you can do this exercise twice a day. Morning is the most effective time.
  2. Rotate your neck – This is the best stretching exercise you can do. Rotate your neck up and down, right and left. Keep this movement for 1 minute. Then rotate your neck clockwise and then anti-clockwise, do this for 2 minute. In total you have to give 3 minutes for this exercise.
  3. Chewing Gum – This small exercise you can do anytime and anywhere. While chewing your neck elasticity strengthens. You have not to wait for morning or evening for your exercise.
  4. Stretching of Tongue – Look straight, take your tongue out and try to touch your nose. Hold for 15 seconds and then release.
  5. Jaw tightening exercise – Sit straight and tighten you jaw to stretch the muscles of your neck. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds and release. Repeat the same at least 5 times a day.


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Double chin treatment – double chin kam karne ke upay

Some people want to reduce their double chin problem fast so they opt for double chin treatment or surgery. There are a variety of procedures to remove double chin:

  1. Liposuction: It is the process to remove our body excess fat. This surgery can change our body shape but we should not treat it as a weight loss substitute. Liposuction includes different types of techniques such as tumescent technique, Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, Laser-assisted lipoplasty, Power-assisted liposuction.
  2. Mesotherapy: It is the procedure when we deliver fat dissolving compound through a series of injection to body. More than 20 injections of deoxycholic acid is given in one treatment. You can take up to 5 or 6 treatment as per your doctor’s suggestion. But the important point is that you have to make a gap of at least 1 months in between the two treatments.


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