How to loose weight | Diet to loose weight.

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How to loose weight|Diet to loose weight. This 2 questions comes in everyone mind.

We will solve this both issues. Keep reading to know how to loose weight|Diet to loose weight.


In today’s world people are very tensed about their look. So,it’s very important to take care of health and fitness. And today,we are going to discuss about one of the topic which plays a major role in our day to day life.

To make it easier for you I had divided this article into 3 parts

Part 1 :Different reasons due to which weight increases.

Part 2 :Things which can be done to loose weight.

Point 3: Diet to loose weight.

So let’s start.

1.Weight increases If you are are constantly sitting at one place only.

2.Exercise is not included in your day routine.

3.Eating a lot(over-eating)

4.Eating lot of junk food which are containing a lot of calories and there is no protien.

5.Sleep routine(sleeping late night)

6.You might have thyroid(go to doctor and apply for thyroid test)

7.You are lazy.

This were the major reasons due to which weight increases or it can increase.You should keep in mind that you avoid all this things.Because Next part will only work If you avoid things mentioned above.

In this part we will be talking about some tips and tricks to loose weight.

1.Never skip your breakfast,lunch,brunch,dinner.

2.Drink lot of water.

3.Use a smaller plate(this will make feel you that you are eating more food)

4.Eat fibre-based fruits more.

5.Add more amount of protien in your diet.

5.Avoid sugar and salt as much you can.

6.Stop eating all the junk food.

7.Stop drinking cold drinks.

8.Do Intermittent Fasting.

9.Eat apples.

10.Try to be more active.

11.Take out some time to do exercise.

12.Sleep early.

13.Have a walk after every meal. This will help to digest food easily and maintain a healthy,fresh body.

14.Don’t take too much stress regarding your look and all. This will lead some different diseases.God has give each and every person a different look.

15.If you want to loose belly fat then read this. It will help you sure.

16.Avoid Tea.

17.Eat slowly.

If you follow all above things properly then sure you will be able to loose weight.If you want a proper diet plan then you can move on next part.

Diet to loose weight.

Wake up at 7.30 :Have a apple cider vinegar (1 spoon) with 1  hot glass of water.

Fresh up.Drink 2 glass of water.

Go for exercise.(walk,jogging,running,skipping,cycling etc)

After coming back have a peanut butter sandwich and 1 glass of milk.(This meal will not feel you hungry till lunch)

Now,If you go to school or office then you might carrying lunchbox and if you are not carrying then start carrying lunchbox and waterbottle with you.

Lunch box: Fibre based fruits(apple,kiwi,banana,orange etc) and salad(add any vegies which you like)cucumber,carrot,tomato etc

Lunch:1 bowl rice,1 bowl dal with 2-3 wheat roti.(Don’t compromise in quantity of food,you need to do some proper changes in your diet)

Then after coming back home try to do any type of workout after freshing up.

(Have a protien shake)

Take 1 glass of milk,100 gm oats,1 spoon peanut butter,whey protien(optional).Mix everything in a grinder and drink it.This is a heavy shake.To drink this you will be also needing to do heavy workout.

Dinner:Have a simple and light dinner(it should be easy to digest)

Eg: 1 bowl rice or 1 bowl khichdi etc.

Have your dinner 2 hours before you go to bed. Sleep early and don’t allow  your cell phone to your bed. Try to be calm and have a proper sleep. Sleep before 10:30 PM

Try this all things for 1 month. We had tried to keep all this process as simple we could. Let us know your thoughts or anything you wish to say in comment section below.

Last words:

Don’t be tensed due to your weight and look etc. You will get many articles which will tell you different ways to loose weight. Some articles are really good but some of them really doesn’t work. You can apply that things but should take note that they are suitable to your body and doesn’t affect you. We had kept this very simple and short for you.If you will follow all the things and steps properly mentioned above then sure you will be able to loose weight. Be always positive and happy. God had gave each and every person a different look and different skills|Everyone is handsome and good looking on this planet

Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.

I hope this article helped you and you got some motivation through this article.

Stay safe,Be happy

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