How to improve your eyesight?

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Are you looking for “How to improve your eyesight?” then you are at right place. You will also learn here about the myopia and presbyopia treatment and about eye strain and eye care. Today’s people, whose personal computers and smartphones have become indispensable to their daily lives, tend to look only near them. Recently, we often hear the word “smartphone presbyopia”, and the deterioration of the eye condition of children and young people has become a problem.

I think many people have given up on the ongoing decline in vision as “it can’t be helped”.
If you feel any eye problems, it is very important to first go to an ophthalmologist to check your eye condition. However, I learned that in my daily life, I can train not only my physical strength but also my “eyes”.

What causes myopia and presbyopia?

Modern people are looking too much “near”!

The crystalline lens that acts as a lens in the eye.
When we look at things, the ciliary muscle near the crystalline lens stretches and contracts, causing the crystalline lens to change its thickness and adjust the focus of the eye.

However, modern people, whose personal computers and smartphones have become indispensable in their daily lives, tend to look only near them.
Often you’ll be looking at a screen at a close distance for hours.

Recently, I often hear the term smartphone presbyopia. As the name suggests, smartphone
presbyopia is a problem that occurs when you keep looking at your smartphone and your ability to adjust the focus of your eyes deteriorates.

Wearing glasses can reduce your eyesight

 In some cases, it is better not to make glasses in a hurry

If you go to an ophthalmologist and have an examination and your eyesight is poor, you probably make glasses right away.

However, “When you wear glasses, your eyesight is fixed while it is low. On the contrary, as you get used to glasses, your eyesight may be further reduced. Furthermore, if you wear glasses, your surroundings Because you can see clearly, it is easy to misunderstand that the original function of the eye has been restored.

When the eye gets used to the glasses, the original ability to see is lost, and myopia and presbyopia progress. It goes on. ”


So how can we keep the “power to see”?

when your legs are weakened, squats will stretch and contract your leg muscles to strengthen them. Similarly, in the eyes, strengthening the muscles of the eyes is said to be effective in preventing and improving vision loss.

There are several methods which can be useful in improving your eyesight!

Some recommended methods which can be useful for improving eyesight:

  • Follow your thumb nails.

Raise your right hand (left hand) to eye level and extend your arms to the full. Make a fist, point your thumb to the ceiling, and your eyes look at your thumb nails. With your arms outstretched, loosen your hands and move them left and right, up and down, and diagonally. Or move it in a circular motion. Do not move your head and keep your eyes on your thumb nails. Instead of looking at it in a daze, look at it with a clear focus. It is more effective to put small numbers or letters of the alphabet on your nails.

It takes about 2 minutes a day so that your eyes do not get tired. How to improve your eyesight?


  • “Blinking tightly” method 

The goal of this exercise is 5 times x 2 sets.

  • Close your eyes a little stronger.
  • With your eyes closed, move your eyes as far as possible left and right, up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Blink about 10 times so strongly that you will tear a little.
  • Finally, gently press the area around the eyes along the bones to massage.

  • “Follow-up eye movement” method

The goal of this exercise is 5 round trips x 2 sets. First, move your neck while keeping your viewpoint fixed at one point.

  • Move it up and down and then left and right.
  • Move it diagonally and then in a circular motion.


Decide where to look and what to see so that the viewpoint does not move.


  • “Eye squat” method to restore eyesight (perspective training)
  1. Raise your right thumb and place it 30-40 cm from your face.
  2. Focus your eyes on your thumb nails.
  3. Focus your eyes on the farthest foliage plants and calendars in the room, or the buildings you can see outside the window.
  4. Repeat 1 and 2 for about 5 minutes a day.

How to improve your eyesight?

  • “Jumping eye movement” method

For the final exercise, the goal is 5 round trips x 2 sets. First, raise your parents’ fingers about 30 cm in front of your face and look at them alternately.

(1) Look left and right alternately.

(2) Look up and down alternately.

(3) Look diagonally alternately.

(4) Look at the front and back alternately.

It’s okay to start slowly, so make sure you focus on your finger before looking at the next finger.


I have introduced simple basic exercises to restore the function of the eyes. In eye exercises, the stiff eye muscles are loosened and muscles that can respond to any movement are created.

But once you stop training, like push-ups and abs, you don’t lose everything you’ve gained.


In this article you have learned “How to improve your eyesight?”

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Stay safe, stay healthy

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