How to get rid of dark circles naturally fast?

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How to get rid of dark circles naturally fast? how to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast? Is it possible to get rid of dark circles?can you get rid of dark circles under your eyes? how get rid of dark circle?

Beauty is one main thing that has become a mutual necessity for both men and women. Right from head to toe people of both genders want to be perfect. The face plays a major on this. The beauty of the face is valid through the sharpness of the nose, the width and the length of the lips. But the eyes play a foremost role. All the variations above said are implemented to our eyes but the dark circles ruin everything. That is why brides and grooms mostly concentrate under their eyes. They apply various levels of makeup to cover their circles during their wedding day. But once washed up everything comes up as before uncovering whatever they shielded.

Dark circles/patches under the eyes often give us a cautionary note of what our body undergoes.


Reasons for dark circles:

Taking for granted or not maintaining one’s health is the main cause for dark circles or patches under our eyes. Flawless beauty is a natural gift given to mankind. When mistreated it gives the opposite reactions.

Most of the modern men and women face this issue but ignore it completely. Instead of treating it inwardly, they try to conceal it from the outside. The coverings(makeups) they make up outwards do conceal for a temporary time but nothing conceals permanently until the proper actions and health supplements are taken.

Lack of sleep, overweight, stress/tension, lack of hydration, not using/no usage of moisturizers can be listed as the reasons for the dark circles.

Every adult person should have 6 to 8 hours of sleep. And every child should need 10 to 13 hours of sleep.  When not followed appropriately they surely end up having under eye dark circles. Feeding mothers are a great example of this. And also their natural dehydration of water and minerals in their body leads to dark circles.


does sleep get rid of dark circles?

Sleep deprivation is a major problem that affects one’s health and is immensely projected in their eyes. They get more eye patches than of dark circles which indicate the seriousness of their condition. If not treated properly they end up in emotional/mental problems further than eye problems.

Stress/tension is another major reason for this problem. A person’s mental health is affected due to various reasons in their life that lead to stress or tension. This plays a foremost role in the eyes and leads to dark circles. The eyes that glare mostly on tv/computer screens also face these problems.

The reason behind this is called eye tension. by not watching mobile or tv for a long time and resting the eyes properly relaxes the tissues and the muscles around the eyes.

Lack of hydration has a great deal with dark circles. One Ph level should be maintained properly for the betterment of health throughout their body. But when it comes to face we need extra care. The amount of water/Ph level in our body is identified through our face. Other than dark circles fine lines near our eyes and forehead are also formed due to the lack of water level. People with dry skin face this type of problem a lot. Using a correct ph level of moisturizer helps us to maintain good healthy skin. Thus avoiding the dark circles under the eyes. A good eye cream can also be used during the night times for better results.

Natural ways to treat dark circles:

how to get rid of dark circles permanently?

The dark circles that are formed due to sleep deprivation or stress/tension are solved naturally when proper care is taken. But when these problems stay longer than we expected then it should be taken into account. Before treating the dark circles one has to find the reason behind it.

Most of the time the under-eye circles make us look tired or sleepy. Even the cheerfulness in the eyes is completely covered by these dark ones under the eyes. The glory of a person’s face is completely spoiled when these dark patches take a major role.

Young men and women face these problems immensely. They start buying all the products suggested to them and most of the time feeling frustrated. They also spend lots and lots of money on those products believing they will get results on. But the solution is always present at their home with simple remedies and procedures. And most of all It costs them nothing.

best cream to get rid of dark circles

Creams and lotions that are available in the market sometimes make things worse. Some products give us beautiful results but when stopped it reoccurs. There are many natural ways of treating under eye dark circles and getting rid of them permanently.

The natural ways are not instant ways of banishing the darkness under the eyes. It takes time but the solutions are permanent. Maintaining a good water/Ph level reduces half the problems. For the rest, the solutions are given below.

Adding Vitamin C to our daily intake increases our immunity system. This prevents us from unwanted diseases that may also be a cause for the under eye dark circles. Vegetables like cabbage, leafy greens,  green and red bell peppers, sprouts, and cauliflower are vitamin c rich foods. Guava, kiwi fruit, strawberry, oranges, tomatoes are some of the fruits that are abundant in vitamin c. These help us to fight our under eye dark circle problems from the inside out.


what foods get rid of dark circles under eyes?

Cucumber: Who can neglect a cucumber when it comes to eyes. Even parlors use this by directly applying it to our eyes during the facial massages. Cut the cucumber in circles and refrigerate it for half an hour, close your eyes and keep these slices for 20 minutes appropriately.

Continuous usage of this method will give a tremendous result. Cucumber juice can also be applied to the eyes. Cucumbers can be mixed with tomato juice or honey or lemon for better results.

Aloe vera: nothing works kind of magic other than aloe vera gel. The gel of aloe vera should be applied directly under the affected area to get great results. This gel can be applied throughout one’s face no matter their skin types. Aloe vera also reduces inflammation caused by the sun, acne, pimples, etc. Aloe vera is the basic main ingredient used in most of the beauty cosmetics.


foods that get rid of dark circles

Potato/Potato juice: Potato snacks are the most commonly liked food throughout the world. But how many of us know even that potatoes are used on beauty regimen also. Applying sliced potato or applying the potato juice directly under the eyes gives a major effect on the skin. The potato juice can be applied throughout the face and also our hands and legs for excessive results. This ingredient always lightens up the skin tone.

Curd/yogurt and turmeric: take a teaspoon of curd/yogurt and add a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply the mixture directly to your dark circles for a week continuously. The results are amazing.

Curd/yogurt and honey: This is another way of getting rid of dark circles naturally. The components in the honey not only make the dark circles disappear but also tightens the skin. Thus resulting in a brightened and wrinkled face.

Castor oil: Another natural medicine. The medicinal properties of the castor oil make the eyes cool and resulting tension-free eyes. It should be applied directly like the rest and results can be seen in a week. A person with excessive heat body condition can use this as a remedy.

Teabag: The tea bags when kept on eyelids gives great relief from dark circles of the eyes. If it is a green tea bag it works much better.

Orange Juice: Orange juice also plays a major role in the reduction of dark circles. When it taken orally gives many more effects on the body. Orange juice hydrates our body naturally thus resulting in a better skin tone.

Carrot, lemon, cucumber, and pudina leaves: grind a piece of carrot, cucumber along with a teaspoon of lemon, and 10 leaves of pudina. You can either extract the juice or apply it directly as a paste on the eyes. Continuous application of this paste or juice helps us to come out of dark circles permanently.

Take care of your Eyes:

how to get rid of dark circles around my eyes?

Beauty products and makeup are not meant to sleep with. When used during night times it gives us harsh effects. Complete removal of makeup items even if it is just a mascara or a kajal helps us to deal with this correctly. Coconut oil is the best makeup removal agent that removes it to the core leaving nothing behind.

We often take care of our physical bodies by using the chemical products that are shown in advertisements. The best ones are not listed there. It’s right at our kitchen counters. Use them and get miraculous effects.

Reducing our screen timings will profoundly make a major difference in our lifestyle. The under-eye creams are of better use during night times. You can also simply apply rose water. It gives us a major effect under eye dark circles. Loving oneself and taking care of us properly always leads us in better ways.


Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.


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