How to get rid of a sun tan.Remove sun tan

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How to get rid of a sun tan.? How to remove tan from face and  neck?

Are you also rid of a sun tan. Don’t worry,we will be discussing in detail.

To make it easier for you,I had divided this article into 2 parts:

Part 1:What is tanning?Sun tan?Why it happens?Problem you will face If you will not do the remedy/  Necessary precaution to be taken(To be safe from suntan)

Part 2:Tips and tricks (Medicines and home remedies)+Ayurveda remedies

So let’s start



How to get rid of a tan

Sun tan is basically tanning.Tanning means darkening of skin for few period of time or long period of time.Your skins get burned due to that harmful rays from sun.Harmful rays:UV radiaation(Ultraviolet rays)

Due to suntan,there is a skin pigment named as melanin which is present in a particular layer of your skin.Due to UV radiations,melanin production increases and this is the only reason that your skin colour changes.

UVA rays penetrate to the lower layers of the cuticle, wherever they trigger cells known as melanocytes (pronounced: mel-an-oh-sites) to supply Skin pigment.Skin pigment is that the brown pigment that causes tanning.Skin pigment is that the body’s approach of protective skin from burning.

Note:You don’t get tanned due to sun.You get tanned due to harmful rays of that sun.

Because many of us think that we get tanned due to sun.So they stop going outside in sun.But,If you take proper precautions then you will not get suntan.

1.Try to avoid to go outside between 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm.This is the peak time when sun is on above head.In this period uv radiations are released more by sun.

2.If is urgent to go in peak time then wear full sleeves t-shirt and cover your whole body.So,you don’t get much harm.

3.Cover your face with a shawl,mask or handkerchief etc.

4.Apply suncreen before going out in sun.

Sunscreen protects from UV and UVB rays both.

5.Wear hat while going in peak time.

6.Wear goggles while going in peak time.

7.Try to avoid doing work or playing in sun.

These are the basic thing which you need to follow to be safe from suntan.

Don’t take suntan lightly.

  • Eye Damage. Photokeratitis. Cataracts.
  • Immune system collapse
  • Extreme exposure may lead skin cancer
  • Skin burn
  • etc.

Let’s talk now about main thing that How to get rid of sun tan

First of all,avoid to go out in sun othervise your tanning will increase.



It is also called as nicotinamide.Great source of vitamin B3.It will help to remove tan and to light the skin.It is very much effective because it decreases the amount melanin moved by color creating cells (melanocytes) to the surface by the greater part.It is available in different forms like serum,tablet or oil etc.You can choose any 1 out of this which suits you perfect and fits in your budget.


There are many scrubs available in the market which helps to a limited extent to remove suntan.I am not taking any name here because this whole article is based on my personal experience.I don’t want that you come in problem.So,I am not taking any product name.Everyone’s skin is different so different products react differently on different skins.

You can use but coffee scrub.This will not require any product or money and this is more safer.

Just take 2 spoon of coffee,1 lemon,2 spoon water,1 bowl.

Put coffee in bowl then water.Mix well,Squeeze 1 lemon.But don’t throw outer covering of lemon.Take that cover of lemon and deep into mixture which we made.Apply gently from where you want to remove tan.You can use this method thrice in a week.It will help you sure.

2.Home remedies and ayurvedic remedies for how to get rid of sun tan

  • Lemon+Honey

Squeeze 1 lemon and add some honey and apply on skin.Let this mixture stay for 30 min.Then wash it of with normal water.

If you have oily skin then don’t keep honey much time on your skin.

  • Coconut milk

Take 1 fresh,organic cotton ball and deep into coconut milk and apply it on skin.Allow to absorb it properly then wash it with normal water.This is the natural method which really work.Coconut milk is very hydrating and nourishing.

  • Oatmeal+Buttermilk

Absorb 2 teaspoons of oats or cereal a large portion of some water for around five minutes. Include 2-3 teaspoon of new, plain buttermilk to it and blend well. You can add nectar too to make the pack additionally saturating. Blend these fixings well to frame a glue and afterward apply it to your face, neck, arms and different regions influenced by tanning.

Focus on a roundabout movement and let it remain for around 20 minutes. Wash off with uncover new, more splendid looking skin.

Buttermilk contains high amount of lactic acid which will help to remove tan and soften the skin.Oatmeal has skin cleansing properties.

  • Saffron+Milk

Absorb a couple of strands of saffron milk for quite a while.

To give more dampness to the skin, saffron can be absorbed cream rather than milk.

Saffron (Kesar) is a conventional stunner fixing found in Indian family units.

Utilizing saffron is a characteristic method to get a shining skin.

It is likewise known to improve skin surface, deals with afflictions like pigmentation, dark circles, pimples, and skin inflammation, and help obscured skin.

  • Sandalwood+Turmeric

Sandalwood powder can be blended in milk or coconut water to apply on the skin as a pack. Tumeric can likewise be added to the pack to make it more powerful for eliminating tan.

Sandalwood has alleviating and cooling properties that give help to the skin harmed by the sun. Turmeric’s mending properties and milk’s peeling properties function admirably together to eliminate tan.

  • Multani Miti+Rose water

Take multani miti(3 to 4 tablespoon).Add 2 spoon rosewater and mix well.It will become thick.Apply on face as face mask.Keep 20 min and then wash your face mildly with cold water.It will help you to remove tan and also it will feel you very fresh,relax.

  • Almond Scrub

Take 15-16 almonds and drop it into mixture.Add some rose water and lemon.Make a paste of it.Apply on effected area as a pack.Almonds are great source of vitamin E and also bleaching properties.

  • Cucumber

Take some slice of cucumber and squeeze it with hand and try to remove juice out of it.Add some lemon juice to it and mix well.Take a cotton ball and deep into cucumber+lemon juice and apply on your skin.Give some time to skin to absorb.Then wash it with cold water.Cucumber will cool down your suntan.

  • Aloeveragel

You can use aloevera gel available in the market or cut some aloevera from plant.Open the split and directly apply that gel present there.Leave it for 15 min.Then wash it with normal water.It will help lot to remove suntan

Last words:Use any method mentioned above.They all are genuine and it will help you sure to remove sun tan.I hope you like the article.Comment your thoughts or any suggestion in comment section below.Don’t forget to subscribe habpl.

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