How to gain weight easily

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Hey!Are your friends also teasing you as you are very thin.Don’t worry,read this article properly to know How to gain weight.Facts

So let’s start.

In today’s world it is very important to look good.Everyone wants a good look.There could be many reasons due to your weight is not increasing.Let’s discuss few of them

  • Taking stress.

Taking stress would not directly looses weight but indirectly it helps to loose weight.When you take too much stress then it tenses your brain and you don’t like to do any things or you feel very tired,hamper.This happens with everyone when some thing goes wrong.

  • Disease

If you have diabetes,cancer,viral,flue,fever,cold,dengue,malaria etc then your weight will sure loose and also you will be weak because rbc and wbc decreases when you have diseases.

There can be many more reasons of loosing weight but the main one I discussed.Everyone body is different.Some thing suite to some people and some thing doesn’t.So,you need to analyze yourself properly that which thing is effecting you from which your weight is increasing.

Let’s discuss do’s and don’t to increase weight.

Don’t take stress

Be happy

Be positive

Don’t get angry much

Don’t feel bad if someone teases you or something happens with you.

Listen songs,or do your personal favourite thing to be motivated

Eat health

Sleep early

Wake up early


Perfect your day routine

Don’t eat junk food.

Increase the amount of protien in your diet

Drink Milk

Eat yoghurt

Don’t eat water before your meals.This will fill your stomach and you will be not able to intake calories.

Let’s move more deeper. Day routine and diet to gain weight

Wake up:7:30

Do the prayer then brush up.Then go for a morning walk,jog,running,hike,cycling etc whichever you feel more better.After coming back have a apple cider vinegar.Take a glass of hot water.Add 1/tb spoon apple cider vinegar and mix well.Drink it slowly.Do this thing every morning but only 1 time because apple cider vinegar also contains some chemicals which can be harmful for body If you drink more than once in a day.

Drink 2 glass of water after sometime.

Breakfast:Peanut butter sandwich with 1 glass of milk.This meal is very heavy and you will also get a agood amount of protein

Take 2 brown bread or white bread.Apply 1 tb/spoon butter to both the sides of bread.Toast it,Grill it as you wish.You can also add cheese.But don’t forget to add peanut butter because peanut butter is very rich in protien and will give you omega 3/6 also.

Milk is rich in zinc and calcium

Eat some fibre  based fruits like apple etc or.You can eat any fruits which you like most because there are many benefits of eating fruits.

Some other choices for breakfast(Always have a heavy breakfast):Poha,oats,sandwich,paratha,dhosa,idli,vada etc.This types of snacks are very healthy for body also.

Lunch:3-4 wheat roti,dal,1 bowl rice and  salad.

Roti:Excellent source of fibre.It will also help to lower blood cholesterol level.Digest easily.Also contains good amount of calories.

Dal:Helps to keep heart healthy,Also good for teeth and bones and helps to achieve a glowing skin.Contains high amount of calories.

Rice:Contains lot of vitamins and minerals.Specially vitamin B.You can also eat brown rice instead of white rice.Brown rice is more healthy and nutrient full.

Salad:Rich source if fibre.Improves muscel strength.Necessary for bones.Protect’s heart.Contains healthy fat.

Then go for a workout whenever you get time.You can do many type of exercises like skipping,running,jogging,playing outdoor sport etc.From this you will be able to drink more and more water.

After coming back from workout Have a weight gainer or shaker.

For eg:Take 1/2 cup oats,1/tb spoon peanut butter,1 spoon whey protien(optional),1 banana and 1 glass of milk.

Mix everything into grinder and drink it.This shake really contains high amount protien.You can also add some almonds and raw peanuts.After drinking have a 10 min walk.So,it will digest properly

Dinner:Have a simple and light dinner

khichdi,Indian curry and buttermilk is the best meal for dinner.

Khichdi contains protiens and carbohydrates both.Very easy to digest.It will detox the body.

Buttermilk:It is very important to add buttermilk in your dinner.Drink atleast 1-2 glass of buttermilk because it will help a lot to cool down your body from inside and it will feel you fresh.

Sleep at 10:30 PM.

If you want to eat some other things then here are the some other options available.Eat this food only.



Nuts and Seeds



I hope you like this article(How to gain weight) and this article helped you to gain weight.Share and spread the article.Let us know your comments,thoughts and suggestions in comment section below.

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