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Before answering the question how to control hair fall, let’s try to understand why to control hair fall. We often come across phrases like DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, but this doesn’t happen in the real world. We live in a society where looks do matter. Sure there are people who will recognize and appreciate your inner beauty, but the former type will affect you more. For once, even if we stop getting affected by what others think, then too self-satisfaction is important. Every person he or she wants to look presentable. Hair not only helps you in looking presentable but you yourself feel confident. People having hair fall problems often lack confidence, hence they start avoiding social gatherings as well. Hair fall has become a major problem even in youngsters because of poor diet, work pressure or stress. We have discussed here about the hair loss cure for men and women.

Modern world has an instant remedy for all problems right from health, beauty and hair growth. But most of the time the instant remedies don’t last long and we end up feeling frustrated. The instant glow, instant shine gives temporary beauty. But when these things are used on a long run it becomes a recipe for disaster. One such big problem to both men and women of the modern era is Hair fall.



Beautiful and healthy hair is a birthright to the human kind. Every man and woman naturally loves to have great hair. But our ignorance leads to adversity most of the time. A good, shiny, healthy and a great volume of hair is given to a man right at birth. Instead of nurturing and preserving nature’s gift we end up taking it for granted. The subsequent reaction is losing our natural gift and searching it in man made products.

It’s fine to lose more than 100 strands per day as it is a natural thing. But when this calculation multiplies twice or three times the problem starts. Hair fall should be treated at a very early stage or there is a fine chance of ending up bald especially men. Women lose their great volume and result in a thinner size. Hair loss young woman. For a modern woman this may lead to lose their confidence among their perks. Even women come to pass on being semi bald at times.


How many of us know that the major cause of the hair fall is due to excess body heat??

The excess body heat is the major cause of hair fall. Person who works continuously on laptops or PC’s faces this problem a lot. People who work under an excess heat environment, travel a lot on cars and motorbikes face this problem a lot.

Do you know that the air conditioner is also a common cause for hair loss? The air conditioner in our house and car may seem to make us feel cool. But the real fight happens within our body where it constantly fights for its normal temperature. Maintaining a normal body heat is the best way to maintain good health and great hair progress. Excess heat and excess cold will not only affect our body condition but also our hair advancement.


Most of us know that applying coconut oil on our scalp will reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth. But applying coconut oil not only promotes hair growth but also reduces the body heat thus resulting in good healthy hair. There is a reason behind the great volume and beautiful hair of Keralite people. They always make up their own coconut oil using coconut milk, naturally at home. This can be the best hair fall solution for men.

Lack of sleep, excessive stress and tension may also promote hair fall. Sustaining a good mental condition reduces the hair fall problem. Daily exercises and meditation will naturally calm all these complications. Exercises are fairly known for the result of our body shape. It detoxifies our body and gives us a healthy lifestyle which in turn gives a good hair condition also.

 Lactating mothers tend to lose more hair than a normal person. The reason beyond this is they feed away all their nutrients to their child and end up losing their own health. These mothers can take drumstick leaves also known as Moringa oleifera. This is a great supplementary of minerals and iron and also promotes a good milk supply.

Another major problem of present-day teenagers for hair loss is dandruff. When they spot themselves with dandruff they get rigid immediately. They start using all kinds of shampoos, serums and lotions on their scalp to get rid of them instantly. The best way to get rid of dandruff naturally is cucumber and curd pack. Combine the above said both and apply in your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with warm water. This stimulates the hair growth, maintains a beautiful texture and keeps away the dandruff. Egg white is another recipe for dandruff. Egg white naturally cleanses off the dandruff and keeps it away for a long time.

Hair fall Mask. Most of us know that applying amla or Indian gooseberry juice on the scalp will control hair fall and maintain a good hair consistency. But consuming the amla or Indian gooseberry directly gives us much more benefit right from cholesterol control to skin quality. The other way of most popularly known is applying onion juice to the scalp. The combination of amla juice with onion juice is a great remedy for hair loss and delaying the grey hairs. But before applying this make a note of your body type because a cool temperature body cannot fathom this combination when applied on hair. Thus resulting in flu or a bad headache.

Fermented rice water recipe is another great way of promoting hair growth and delays the happening of early development of grey hairs. Applying rice water directly to the scalp gives you much more benefits. The Vitamin A, C and E along with flavonoids and phenolic compounds in the rice water gives us more strength and a long hair. Hair fall is controlled excessively in this ancient way. Yao women from china is a best example for this method. And note this method is applicable to all body conditions as this has absolutely no side effects.

Another recipe for controlling hair fall is curry leaves. Yes, consuming curry leaves or adding those along with your everyday meal is best for hair fall treatment. Boiling the curry leaves along with coconut oil, amla and onion juice is most of the south Indian women’s hair growth secret recipe. Curry leaves also serve to maintain long and black hair. Consuming curry leaves on an empty stomach stimulates both hair growth and weight loss.

Hair Cleansing:

The olden ways of hair growth and maintenance are always the best one. But the modern era leads us in using some chemicals in all the products. Try to use shampoos with less chemicals or the one with the benefits of natural Ayurveda products. The usage of conditioning and serum in current days are obvious for most of the women. Instead of chemical fillings one can use natural conditioners like fenugreek seeds and soap nuts.

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it in a mixer. This paste can be directly used as a shampoo for our hair and also conditions it naturally. Which hair loss shampoo is the best? Soap nuts and shikakai are another combination of the best natural shampoo.  These two can be grinded together and applied directly on the scalp using some water. The lather produced is equal to shampoo and we can get a fully cleansed and conditioned hair.

Hair coloring:

Dying or coloring of the hair has been done for a very long time. Decades before the aged people in a family start using hair dyes to get their hair back to natural color. Usually black is the only dye color that was in use. Most age people had used kajals to get a temporary black look. But that doesn’t conceal anything because just the touch of the hand shows what they have hidden.

That is when the hair color dyes came into picture and ruled the market. People started using it crazily but the problem came into picture when the chemicals in it started to react. Ammonia, peroxide etc. are one of the harmful chemicals present in the normal hair dye. People started to experience more hair fall, forehead darkening, baldness and in some cases it paved the way to skin cancer too.

Most of the present day hair dyes are safe, away from the harmful chemicals that were mentioned earlier. But still often coloring or dying the hair leads to hair fall. There are natural ways to color the hair too.

Applying henna is most commonly used natural dye. The dark brown color it produces gives a shiny effect on the hair. Henna is usually mixed with plain tea to give a good result. Other Frequently used natural dye is indigo (Avuri) leaves. This gives no side effect and has a good natural black color on one’s hair. The combination of beetroot juice with henna along with plain tea gives us a bright burgundy look naturally.

All these stay for a stipulated time and the same procedure has to be done again to get the look back. However, maintaining our hair and preventing it from all unwanted things keeps it safe. Early greying can also be avoided if one follows the above said things and can have beautiful early years. When nature calls upon old age, embrace it with the same inner beauty. Then the same grey hair will also be the one that adds beauty to us.

hair fall treatment

Reasons of hair fall:-

Often it is noticed that people do try a lot of remedies but still aren’t successful in controlling it. This is because they don’t try to know the exact reason behind it. It is always advised to first know the reason or cause and then choose a remedy accordingly. There can be a number of reasons for hair fall like:-

  1. Poor diet:-lack or absence of essential nutrients like protein or vitamin D can lead to hair loss.
  2. Stress:-excessive work load or stress can cause hair loss which may last for weeks.
  3. Thyroid problem:-if thyroid gland produces insufficient amounts of thyroid hormone.
  4. Ageing:- as we age the rate of hair growth retards or slows down
  5. Genetic:-hair loss due to the genes inherited from parents. It is one of the most common causes of hair fall.
  6. Hairstyling products:- toxic chemicals found in dye and styling products lead to excessive hair fall.

These are the most common causes, there are many more. Each cause has a different remedy. It’s not like one single remedy will work for every problem. Remedy or treatment should always be done after analyzing the cause or reason. Hence it is always advised to visit a doctor if you are facing hair fall problems. Once you are aware of the exact cause it becomes easier to decide the remedy you want to proceed with.


Signs of hair fall:-

Hair fall may be sudden or gradual. Some kinds of hair loss are temporary but some are permanent. It’s always advisable to recognize the early signs of hair fall so that treatment can be initiated without any delay.

Some common signs of hair all are as follows:

1.loosening of hair strands

  1. patches of scaling
  2. circular patchy bald spots
  3. thinning on the scalp
  4. complete loss of hair on the body.


Types of Hair fall:-

Not only different causes, there are also different types of hair loss. These also play an important role while prescribing a remedy or treatment.

Some common types of hair falls have been listed below:-

1) Alopecia Areata :- an autoimmune condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. This results in hair loss. This type of hair fall can occur in multiple family members, as genetics take a part in such conditions.

2) Traction Alopecia:- this results from damaged hair follicles due to constant pulling over a long period of time. Constantly wearing tight hair styles  can cause traction alopecia.

3) Cicatricial Alopecia:- it is a group of rare disorders that destroy hair follicles and replace them with destroyed tissue. This type of hair loss affects only a small amount of the population but may result in permanent hair loss.

4) Lichen planopilaris:- a type of hair loss that occurs when a skin infection called lichen planus affects the scalp.


what hair loss treatment is best? How to control hair fall?: – as mentioned earlier there are a lot of remedies and ways for curbing hair fall. Let’s have a look at few of them:-


Natural remedies:  hair fall treatment home

a) Coconut Milk: – this milk has protein and essential fats. It prevents hair loss as well as promotes hair growth. Just grate and simmer the coconut in water for 5 minutes and then cool it.  Add crushed black pepper and fenugreek seeds to it and then apply on the scalp. After 15 minutes you can rinse and shampoo.


b) Aloe Vera: – not only good for skin and making medicines, aloe vera is also a remedy to prevent hair loss. Just apply its pulp on the scalp for approximately half an hour and then rinse with water.


c) Beetroot Juice: – a rich source of ion. Now it’s worth has also been recognized to boost hair growth. Just boil some beetroot leaves along with henna. Apply this paste on the scalp after cooling and leave for 25 minutes. Rinse the paste with lukewarm water.


d) Black Tea Hair Wash:-sounds weird but it is effective. Just make a normal black tea with sugar and let it cool. Wash your hair with this solution and see the result yourself. It’s a quick, easy and effective remedy.


e) Fenugreek seeds:- it repairs hair follicles. It is one of the most effective home remedies. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water and make a paste. After applying the paste for 25 minutes on your scalp rinse it with normal water. No shampoo to be used. You can do it twice a week for a month.


          2. Diet remedies: 


a) Protein Rich Diet:- 

Protein is really a very important nutrient that curbs hair fall. A lot of times it has been noticed that deficiency of amino acids (building blocks of proteins) causes hair loss. Hair follicles are mostly made up of keratin (which is a protein). A protein rich diet hence is important for healthy hair.

It can include nuts, soya, eggs, peas and fish.


b) Multivitamins:- vitamins like A,B,C and D are very important and effective for hair growth. For e.g.:- vitamin A is composed of retinoids which increases the growth of hair.


c) Mediterranean diet:-a diet with raw vegetables and fresh herbs reduces the rate of hair fall. It is because of this reason that Mediterranean diet is becoming a trend among fitness freaks.


d) Iron Rich Food: iron deficiency is one of the main causes of hair fall. Often doctors recommend an iron rich diet to prevent hair loss. For e.g.:- spinach, a great source of iron has sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair.


3) Proper Hair care:-

a) Hair processing: – chemical treatments while hair color damage the hair and the scalp. Organic hair dyes that don’t contain ammonia should be preferred for this purpose as an alternative. Excessive use of chemically laden products can be harmful for a long run.


b) Regular Hair Washing: – regularly washing your hair with mild shampoos will help in keeping your scalp healthy and clean. Over washing with chemically strong shampoo may lead to dry scalp and breakage of hair strands.


 c) Conditioner:- keeps the hair smooth and soft. It contains amino acids that repair damaged hair.


d) Applying oil: – oils like mustard and coconut help in preventing hair loss to a great extent. People usually avoid mustard oil because of the sticky texture in such cases coconut oil can do the work. Coconut oil has lauric acid which helps to bind protein in hair. It also prevents hair damage from ultraviolet light exposure. Olive oil is also very helpful in controlling hair fall.

It is used to condition the hair and prevent it from drying which later leads to breakage.


e) Hair Styling:- heat stylers , like curling or straightening irons should be avoided as they may damage or even break the hair. Tight braids or ponytails that pull on hair in the root should be skipped to avoid excessive shedding.


f) Avoid Combing Wet hair:- when wet our strands are more fragile. Hence it is advised to either use a wide –toothed comb or to let them dry completely before combing.


The conclusion:- 

Hair fall is not only important from an appearance point of view but also for boosting one’s confidence. It’s not only a problem for men but for women also. The cause and the type of hair fall play a major role in deciding the remedy.

Before trying the remedies one should always try to know the reason for hair fall. It is always suggested to see a doctor in cases of extreme or sudden hair loss. You can always choose the type of remedy you want to go for but not without knowing the cause. In conditions like thyroid or ageing home remedies may not be effective. In such cases you will have to follow the prescribed medications.

Home remedies demand a lot of patience. You will be able to notice the result after weeks or even months.

Try to take proper care of your hair according to the guidelines mentioned above. It is always said PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Try to delve into yoga.  Distressing helps in better hair growth.


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