Foods to eat during winters

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Are you thinking about what foods to eat during winters? Then you are in right place. In order to stay healthy in the cold winter, it is important to eat foods that warm the body and boost immunity and resistance and do some yoga that helps to keep the body in shape. Here, I will introduce foods that you want to actively incorporate into your winter meals and a yoga exercises that will keep your body in shape, which can be expected to have a warming effect, and recommended foods to improve your physical condition.

I would like to start it with food.

Foods that warm and cool the body you want to know

Foods can be divided into “positive foods” that warm the body, “negative foods” that cool the body, and “intersex foods” that do not cool or warm the body. Let’s look at foods that warm the body and foods that cool the body.

Food that warms the body

In a cold climate, there is food that can be harvest. Especially in winter, it is an ingredient that we want to actively incorporate into our daily diet.

Hard objects

Cheese, Pickles, Burdock, Turnip, etc.

Things that can be harvested in cold regions

Apples, cherries, grapes, etc.

Blackish things

Brown sugar, black beans, hijiki, soy sauce, black tea, etc.

Warm colors

Shrimp, lean meat, sockeye salmon, eggs, red beans, etc.

Food that cools the body

Many negative foods that lower the body’s heat is preferred in the summer. Be careful not to take too much in winter when you want to warm your body. It is also said that raw vegetables, soft drinks, and additives can easily cool the body.

Food grown in warm land and seasons

Cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes, bananas, etc.

Cool colors such as blue, white, and green

Milk, cold tofu, etc.

Soft objects rich in water and oil

Bread, vegetable oil, butter, etc.

Foods that boost immunity and resistance

In winter, when the body tends to get cold, I want to strengthen my immunity and resistance so that I can build a body that is free from colds and infectious diseases. For example, root vegetables, which have been introduced as positive foods, are in season in the cold winter and enhance immunity and resistance. From here, let’s look at foods that can be expected to have the effect of boosting immunity and resistance.

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be taken at the same time

lotus root, potatoes, and broccoli are rich in Vitamin C and to strengthen the function of white blood cells, and boost immunity. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin E and knows to have a blood circulation promoting effect. These vitamins also have antioxidant properties, which may help build resistance.

  • Carrots are a treasure trove of vitamin A!

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and have the ability to work the mucous membranes normally.

  • Crown daisies can aim to boost immunity

In the case of garland chrysanthemum, the content of carotene required to boost immunity is higher than that of spinach, and boiling will further enhance the effect. The unique aroma of garland chrysanthemum is to increase appetite and promote digestion, so it is a must-have ingredient on the menu.


Yoga to do during winter

Here are some recommended yoga poses for people in winter. For those who are not good at exercising because they do not exercise hard I recommend Yoga The yoga breathing method is abdominal breathing. Breathing is very important in practicing yoga. This breathing technique has the effect of relieving the tension in the body, which is usually overpowered. The blood flow that causes poor circulation is also related to the autonomic nerves, but when the autonomic nerves become tense, the blood vessels contract and the blood flow blocked. Create a relaxed state with yoga that prepares your autonomic nerves.

Recommended yoga poses that are effective for poor circulation.

  • Board pose
  1. You will be on all fours.
  2. Raise your knees and pull your heels back to straighten your legs. This is the so-called push-up posture.
  3. Keep your shoulders and ears far apart, close your hips, and keep your back of your head to your heels in a straight line.
  4. While keeping this position, take 5 abdominal breaths. Do this 10 times in 5 sets.


  • Cat pose
  1. Open your hands and legs across your shoulders and crawl on all fours.
  2. While exhaling, curl your back like a cat. At this time, put your head in your arm and look at your abdomen. Now, take a few slow abdominal breaths.
  3. While inhaling, return to the original position. Do this 10 times in 5 sets.


  • Standing tree pose

  1. Stand with only your left foot and attach the heel of your right foot to the inner thigh of your left foot.
  2. Take your hands off your feet, put your hands on your ears, assemble them, and straighten them straight up. In this state, take abdominal breathing 2-3 times. Do the same on the other side. Do this 10 times in 5 sets.
  • Open leg pose
  • Open both legs and sit down to stretch your back.
  • While exhaling, slowly tilt your hands and upper body forward. At this time, please relax.
  • Take abdominal breathing slowly 2-3 times with the person tilted forward.
  • Slowly inhale and return to the original position. Do this 10 times in 5 sets.


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