foods to avoid during Arthritis

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10 foods and beverages to avoid with Arthritis. top 10 food and beverages to avoid during Arthritis. Are you suffering from Arthritis and searching for Which foods to avoid with Arthritis? foods to avoid during Arthritis


Pain is an unavoidable human partner. We never like it, but the reality is, it is like a shadow being right from our birth. We experience it a lot when we are hurt, either physically or emotionally. Hurt is the most common companion of pain. But when there is a physical pain this is at its worse.

Human body is very sensitive, that even a is scratch is being felt. This sensitive gets worse with age. When the age limit of a human body reaches to 60 and above it becomes more and more sensitive. Our bones get more tender. The tissues and muscles become weak.




If you are searching for foods that should be consumed and foods that has to be left out for Arthritis condition?

Then you should first know what is Arthritis and what causes that. Always knowing the reason behind one’s problem will provide the best solution. So, let me explain what it is.


Feeling heavy when you carry even light things?

Do you feel stiffness in your joints? Especially in morning’s?

Pain and swelling in your joints?

Even fever, numbness and tingling sensation are also mentioned as Arthritis symptoms.


By age most of us starts feeling these tensions in our knee joints in both hands and legs.


The inflammations/redness on the joints are called Arthritis. One joint or multiple joints can be infected at the same time. Even the hips, finger joints, wrists are all affected. The name Arthritis is a wide name, it covers a group of 100 and more diseases.

Doing everyday work will become a problem with this. There is no specific cause for this but still there is a list which you may associate.

Excess weight, Injuries on the knees, Viral infections, Age, genes can all be linked with Arthritis. Women are more prone to this.


Types of Arthritis:


As stated, before there are 100 of types. But let me give u some very common types that you may feel associated with.


Osteoarthritis: Cartilage is a tissue that acts like pad that protects the bone ends and joints. When this wears off the bone ends especially the joints rub against each other likely to make you feel the pain.

Likely to occur if you get any knee or joint injuries.


Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is something when our own immune system affects our tissues damaging both cartilage and our bones. This targets all the joints right from finger bones to knee joints. They may start up slowly with some symptoms or can occur suddenly out of blue. Take care


Gout: This is much worse. It creates a needle like crystal deposits in your joints which is nothing but the uric acid. It pains hell a lot.


Ankylosing spondylitis: targets the spine.


Lupus: An autoimmune disease that can affect any body parts, including joints and skin.


Psoriasis arthritis: related to skin type, psoriasis. Mild but sometimes can be dangerous too.


With all that mentioned above you would have come to a conclusion at what variation you or your loved ones fall. Now let me give you remedies too.


As I always state food is the best medicine. There is a medicinal value to all the foods we take and also a bad quality to all unwanted things we intake.

Let me give you a list of both.


Foods to avoid with diabetes:


Sugar: Of course. This one ingredient is a common friend. But the reality, it never is. Cutting down sugar content and sugar rich products will be helpful in treating arthritis.

This includes soft drinks, sports drinks, breakfast cereals, etc. Maintaining sugar level on the body counts too.


Salt: I know how it sounds. Yes, you have to cut short the amount of salt intake. The sodium in the salt is a risk factor to arthritis patient.

Pizzas, canned soup, shrimp are all your favourite? Stay off.


Red and processed meat: Studies convey that it is bad for arthritis and it increases its symptom’s. Go for white meat instead.


Alcohol: It worsens the problem. No explanation, Strict NO.


AGEs rich foods: This is a molecular reaction between sugar and protein fat. High fat animal food, American cheese, Mayonnaise, French fries are all falls under this type. Arthritis people already has this content a lot in their body. Let alone from outside source.


Solanine compound veggies: Commonly known as nightshade vegetables. As the name states this compound was not confirmed as bad, but physician’s advice to stay off this. Nightshades include tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, egg plant etc.

Just keep this off a week and check your symptoms. If nothing changes don’t consider this to be a problem.


Baked foods: Especially cakes and cookies that are made of refined flour.


Fast foods: Naturally they increase body fat if consumed on regular basis. The salt content and fats in it worsens the situations. Apart from that Ajinomoto added to it weakens the nerve’s too.


Certain oils: Corn oil, sunflower oil, are all stated as bad for Arthritis. You can add extra virgin oil in your food.


Packaged foods: I always mention that packet foods or readymade foods are not good. They save time but never your health. As stated, before they are high in salts, sugars etc. never go in this option often.


With all mentioned above, you may start to feel like, then what can I eat?


Let me give you a list of foods that are good for arthritis. In a way these foods have medicinal values too.


Walnuts: This omega 3 fatty acids rich component decreases the symptoms of Arthritis. They also contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and fibre.


Fatty seafoods: Salmons, sardines have omega 3 fatty acids that reduces the inflammatory in arthritis patients.


Ginger: This has showed a visible inflammation reduce on arthritis. Hence you can flavour your tea, soups etc with this ingredient.


Garlic: Diallyl disulphide, component that present in garlic believe to rectify the damage of cartilage.


Grapes: This possess anti-inflammatory properties, rich in nutrients and high in anti-oxidants. Grapes acts as natural medicine for cancer treatment too.


Berries: Berries like strawberries, blue berries and black berries contains load of nutrient’s. This also satisfy your sweet tooth too.


Dark Leafy greens: Vitamin D and antioxidants in them help to fight the inflammation. Best greens include Spinach, kale, collard greens etc.


Broccoli: This contains calcium which is very essential for bones. And also rich in Vitamin K and C.


Olive oil: Along with Avocado oil and sunflower oil are good choice for Arthritis. They manage cholesterol too.


Tart cherry juice: This juice is made from prunus cerasus tree. Its rich in all nutrients like manganese, potassium, Vitamin A, C and K, It also contains Protein and fibre.


And more over water. There is nothing equivalent to water in maintaining our health. Water content must be maintained in a good level of our body.

These foods are not only good for arthritis, but also act as medicine too.


Treatment for Arthritis:


Modern era has treatment to most of our ailments. Arthritis is nothing to be feared off. Treatment for Arthritis follows as


Physiotherapy:  This is a kind of massages that lubricates the joints. A physiotherapist teaches us on how to use our joints and limbs pain free.


Stretching Exercises: These kinds of exercises improve our flexibility and our physical function.


Self-care: Yoga, heating pad, cold compress and weight loss are the best self-care ways that can be associated with Arthritis.


Medications: Obviously after all above said along with medications helps Arthritis to cure faster. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are suggested by physicians.


Sometimes when needed surgeries are done. Hip replacements, joint replacement, knee replacements are all part of Arthritis treatment.


Remember always before taking any self-medication it is best when you consult a perfect doctor. But taking self-care leads us to better ways.


Always manage your weight, do your exercises regularly and follow a perfect diet. These things get you to better place. If you find yourself as Arthritic patient then along with above said all try therapies and massages too.


Moreover, be strong, face strong. Our mental ability is the fastest way to cure. foods to avoid during Arthritis

Get well soon


Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.


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Stay safe,stay healthy

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