Child nutrition and cooking

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Do you know about child nutrition and cooking? child nutrition tips, cooking tips. What is child nutrition?

Every child is a blessing. They need extra care on all things until they reach a certain age. They need extra love, extra needs and so additional health.

Healthy nutritious diet is a must for all the children. The food they intake in the early stage of their life acts as a foundation to their body throughout their life. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to feed them the right nutritious and dietary foods.

Most of the parents go beyond this limit of feeding extraordinary foods to their children. This leads them to obesity and weight gain.

A survey in America states that 1 in 5 American children is obese. The constant eating habit or taking very less food in children is known as poor nutrition. A poor nutrition is not only low food intake but also low nutrient or high fat intake. The intake of more sugar and salt will affect the children also like an adult. This leads the children to be prone to these following diseases.

Obesity/Weight gain

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Heart disease and stroke

type-2 diabetes


Some cancers in children

Tooth decay

Now let’s dig into how to deal a child’s health with nutrition and cooking styles.


Nutritious meal to child: Child nutrition and cooking

Children need a healthy growth and development from their early stage of life. Children with a proper nutritious diet tend to have more energy and immune system. The below mentioned list is a must to have at every child day to day meal plan.

Calcium – Essential for growth and bone development

Omega 3 DHA – supports the brain development

Iron – supports the normal cognitive development in children

Vitamin D – builds the immune system in children

These are basic necessities in a child’s health. How can we compromise in this?


Balanced diet:

Are you a mother who tells me that my child loves only pizza/pasta?

or will you just let go of a child when he/she doesn’t take veggies?


Then these things are for you

All the above said nutrients do not come from the same type of food. Our mother Earth is a beautiful garden and it gives us colourful vegetables and fruits. One had to use it properly to maintain a balanced diet. Even the meats and seafood can be added along with this to give us more energy nutrients. We can include these following things in our daily meal plans,

  1. Lots of fruit and vegetables
  2. Wholegrains include brown rice, whole grain bread etc
  3. Beans and lentils
  4. Lean meat and fish (especially fatty fish)
  5. Nuts and seeds
  6. Dairy products like egg, milk, yogurt, cheese

And also encourage them to drink more and more water. This hydrates a child naturally. You can stay tension free on their energy level.

The calorie counter: Child nutrition and cooking

The calorie needs for young children range from 1,000 to 2,000 per day, and the range for older children is from 1,400 to 3,200 calories per day. Boys generally need higher calories than girls. I understand your question.

How come daily we can count our child’s calorie intake?

Practically not possible. Then how?

Home cooked food is the answer.


Why does cooking matter?

The food that we provide to our children takes a major toll in all aspects of their life. The change of eating habits and work load of parents make them rely on processed foods. This is a bitter truth.

Do you always give your child what they really like?

Happy always to see their tummy full?

Take a break and look at their plate.

Compare the food that was provided to you when you were a child and the food that you give your child right now.

Compare the energy, strength and immune in your body and your children.

Do you remember often taking pills and syrups?

Do you remember your parents forbidding you to play in wet sand or snow?

  1. Because we are given the best HOME COOKED foods and processed foods is out of question. It was allowed only in rare situations and not to the extent of filling our tummy. Of course, they don’t know the details of what bad is there in these packed foods. But they do know the good that is present in-home cooked foods.

I know how busy these days mommies are. But that can never be a compromise on our children’s health rights. Provide them the home-based foods and encourage them to eat the same. An adolescent child may deny the above said nutritious food as that of a small kid. That’s understandable, they don’t want to end up like a little kid in front of their friends. But they are still a child and their bodies are not fully grown yet. So do not compromise them with foods. Instead you may ask them to have those when they are out with their friends.



I named it as munchies because our children love munching a snack always. Fine, the foods in our dining table do not come under this category to them. These little devils purely know the meaning of nutrition and the show was the hidden box in our kitchen cabinet. According to them nutrition means tasteless.

Hey, come on, can we say no, or do we not understand that from their age???

Remember chasing a box in our mothers’ kitchen silently after everyone is asleep??

Ha ha!! Those are beautiful days right.

But the sad reality is, the hidden box in our cabinet is a slow poison to our kids, will you dare?

Ok let me give you a few healthy snacks that you can prepare easily in your kitchen. Hide it in the same box as your hearts wish and let them chase.


Always go for plain, full-fat yogurt. You can add a little honey or add fresh fruits to sweeten it. Do not give honey for infants under 12 months, it will cause them digestive issues.



Another whole grain snack for kids. You may top it with little butter or cheese of your choice. Again, this may cause choking hazards to toddlers, be careful.


Nuts contain loads of healthy fats, fibre and antioxidants. But before giving it to your children check for their allergies too.

Trail mix:

If your child is not allergic to nuts, then you can mix cereals, dried fruits and nuts as a healthier version to your child.



Instead of choosing flavoured packets, go for whole, rolled oats and serve it along with apples and bananas.

Fruit smoothie:

As the name states make a smoothie along with vegetables like carrot or beetroot. Just a small glass of smoothie is a whole pack of nutrient’s.

Banana oat cookies: 

Just look at this simple baked cookie. Your kids will love it

3 ripe bananas, mashed

1/3 cup – coconut oil

2 cups – rolled oats

1/2 cup -mini chocolate chips or dried fruit

1 teaspoon – vanilla

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Place it in a greased cookie sheet about a spoonful and bake for 15–20 minutes at 350°F (175°C). Enjoy the goodness along with you kids.


You can just grab an easy packet of raisins and let your child munch on it.

Frozen fruit popsicle:

Just blend a fruit into puree and pour it in a popsicle mould. Freeze overnight. This is not only a healthy one but also serves as a yummy treat.


Child nutrition and cooking

Simple sandwich:

Make a simple sandwich when your child feels hungry along with these simple recipes: Take a whole-brown bread and combine it with one of the following

peanut butter and banana slices

cheese mixed with finely chopped veggies

cheddar cheese and sliced apples

mozzarella cheese and tomato slices

Boiled egg, avocado, and tomato

cream cheese and cucumber slices

Apple and peanut butter dip:

This is an interesting and tasty simple dish and can be handy at any time.


Mix a little full fat yogurt and peanut butter and dip that in apple slices. Try that.


Hard-boiled Egg:

This is a very simple, delicious and protein filled snack. This subsides the child’s hunger and also their munchy need. Try slicing it and sprinkle it with little pepper. That’s yummy!!


Fruit slices:

Cut any of the following fruits and serve them with a toothpick or a fork as per the age. Watermelon, apple, guava, pineapple, green apple, strawberry, bananas, papaya can be served as snacks.

Energy balls:

This is a best alternative for granola bars that have loads of sugar and artificial ingredients.

The following is a simple recipe to make an energy bar. This may taste like an cookie dough but it’s jam packed with fibre and proteins:

1 cup – oats

1/3 cup – honey

1/2 cup – almond butter

1/2 cup – ground flax seeds or whole chia seeds.

1 teaspoon – vanilla

1/2 cup – dried fruit

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Roll the mixture into small balls and refrigerate. Try replacing dried fruit with chopped dark chocolate chips.

Mother’s love is the best nutrient, a child can get throughout his/her lifetime. There is neither an adulterant nor artificial in it. Along with your pure love try all the above said too. Keep healthy and stay healthy.


Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.


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Stay safe,stay healthy

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