10+food rich in iron.Iron importance?

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10+food rich in iron.Iron importance?


Read this article and know 10+food rich in iron and live a healthier life.To make it easier for you I had divided this article into 2 parts.

Part 1:What is iron?Why iron is important?Benefits of adding iron into diet.Disease due to less amount of iron.How much you should intake iron?

Part 2:10+food rich in iron.

So let’s start.

Basically,Iron is a mineral which can be obtained through tablets(don’t go for tablet until there is no option) or foods.It is very imporatant for body.Iron is found in that source which conatins  hemoglobin.

Iron is a significant segment of hemoglobin, the substance in red platelets that conveys oxygen from your lungs to move it all through your body.Hemoglobin speaks to around 66% of the body’s iron.On the off chance that you need more iron, your body can’t make enough solid oxygen-conveying red platelets.So,Iron is important for each and every humanbieng.

Iron intake:


to 6 months: zero.27 milligrams (mg)
to 12 months: eleven mg

to a few years: seven mg
4 to eight years: 10 mg

9 to 13 years: eight mg
14 to eighteen years: eleven mg
19 years and older: eight mg

9 to 13 years: eight mg
14 to eighteen years: fifteen mg
19 to fifty years: eighteen mg
51 years and older: eight mg
During pregnancy: twenty seven mg
When wet between fourteen and eighteen years of age: 10 mg
When wet at older than 9teen years: nine mg

Benefits of iron:

1.Better athletic performance.


3.Healthy pregnancy.

Iron assists with saving numerous crucial capacities in the body, including general vitality and center, gastrointestinal cycles, the insusceptible framework, and the guideline of internal heat level.

and  many more…


Diseases due to lack of iron:

Iron deficiency anemia


Extreme fatigue.
Pale skin.
Chest pain, fast heartbeat or shortness of breath.
Headache, dizziness or lightheadedness.
Cold hands and feet.
Inflammation or soreness of your tongue.
Brittle nails.

Part 2:

1.Nuts and Seeds

You should add this in your diet.

2.Pumpkin, Sesame, Hemp and Flaxseeds

This will not only provide you iron but also a great amount of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.This are also easily available in the market.This seed contains good amount of protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, antioxidants/

3.Cashews, Pine Nuts and Other Nuts

Great source of protein, fiber, good fats, vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.But make sure that you do not roast them,Roasting may harm their natural nutrients.This you can add very easily in your breakfast with a glass of milk.It will be very tasty +filled with iron and other many minerals,vitamins and protien.

4. Leafy Greens

Spinach,Swiss chard,Kale,collard,beet grains etc contains really huge amount of protien.You can add any one of this.Eat cooked or raw as you wish.But,wash thorowlly once,twice before eating raw.

You can also add this vegetables in your diet If you wish:broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

5. Tomato Paste

Only tomato contains little amount of iron but when you will make paste then it will help you better.Tomato is also a great source of Vitamin C and lycopene.


It is also great source of Vitamin C and fibre.


Take good quality mushrooms,Eat 1 cup cooked mushrooms.It will give you almost  2.7 mg iron.

8.Prune Juice

It will not only provide you iron but also fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese.

9. Olives

They are one type of fruit.They contain less amount of iron but It will help you sure.They will also lower the risk of heart diseases.


It also helps to lower diabetes.

11. Oats

These are the one of the tastiest among all of here.This will give you a good amount of iron.This is rich in protien.It will reduce reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

12.Coconut Milk

It contains high fat but includes including magnesium, copper and manganese.It will give you 3.8 mg iron per half cup (118 ml),

13. Dark Chocolate

It is also good source of antioxidants.

14.Dried Thyme

1.2 mg iron per dried teaspoon.Just sprinkle on any meal and have it.

15.Blackstrap Molasses

Consume in limit as it is high in sugar.


Also contains protein, complex carbs, fiber, folate and manganes…Eat lentils cooked.It is very rich source of iron.It will be very beneficial for your body.

17.Tofu, Tempeh, Natto and Soybeans

This all contains  very high amount of irons as well as protiens.Consume twice thrice in a week,not more than that.

18. Other Beans and Peas

It will help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level.(scientifically proven)

There are many more.But,I had shared all vegeterian food.So,both veg and non-veg people can add this in their diet.

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Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.

Stay safe,Stay healthy

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