10 food and drink to avoid with diabetes

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10 food and drink to avoid with diabetes. Are you suffering from diabetes? Want to know the best food to avoid diabetes? What food to avoid with diabetes?

After a long hour of working or a busy day we all crave food. Food is always our primary and other things come secondary. You think? Then just skip your food for a day, you will find your priority much easily. We all work and earn money in order to earn our bread. Only after fulfilling our stomach we think about other things including wealth.

The food we consume is also a form of health saving medicine. We should take medicine when it is in need, unwanted medicine brings unwanted problems. So is food. Before eating our everyday meal, just stop and take a look at our plate.

What do you find?

Food that brings health or of diseases? When you cannot find a proper reply, then the latter is your answer.


Most of our food releases a source called glucose, the main source of energy. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas helps this glucose to reach our body cell and used for energy.

Sometimes there are a lot of insulin released or the insulin released is not completely used. This gets accumulated in the bloodstream, thus resulting in Diabetes, Blood sugar.

There are 3 types of diabetes

  1. Type 1 diabetes: In this type your pancreas produces less or no insulin.
  2. Type 2 diabetes: unused insulin
  3. Gestational diabetes: Usually occurs in pregnant women and disappears after delivery. They may develop type 2 diabetes later in their life.

Let’s look at a little summary of what this diabetes does to our body

  1. Heart diseases.
  2. Kidney problems.
  3. Dental problems.
  4. Stroke
  5. Nerve related problems.

Would you wish to avoid these and have a safe life??

As I mentioned earlier look at your meal plate…

What do you see?

The food is the best medicine for everything. There are foods that are not good for us. Let’s see what are the list of foods that are not good for diabetes. Or in another way say that gives diabetes.


Food to avoid in diabetes:

Sugary foods: Ring a bell? Are you sweet tooth? Sweets, savouries, ice creams, etc. most of us are in love with this right. Beware when consumed a lot or on a regular basis you come under the risk of diabetes.


Trans fat: These are nothing but unsaturated fat that was altered in labs for stability. Love peanut butter, creamers, frozen dinners, muffins? They contain this a lot as a taste factor.


food to avoid with diabest


White bread, rice and pasta: these foods contain lots of carbs. Naturally diabetes and carbs are great friends. When often patch up they create disaster.


  1. Fruit flavoured yogurt: most of us consider this as a better alternative for ice creams. Big no. They contain a lot and lots of sugar. Plain yogurt is much better for diabetic patients.
  2. Grilled meats: Especially char-grilled meat. It causes insulin resistance. Out of options fo diabetic patients
  3. French fries: A normal potato already contains lots of carbs. Let alone after deep frying it.
  4. Dried fruits: not dry fruits. When fruit is concentrated sugar levels are increased to the max.
  5. Country-Fried steak: Combinations of cube stick and white flour. What tasty meat, right? Stay off. Not only diabetic reasons, they have a strong connection with heart related problems.
  6. Sweetened breakfast cereal: readymade/package food. Contains a numerous amount of carbs that you are actually aware of. Never a healthy breakfast for diabetes patients.
  7. Fast food: always in a hurry? Got your McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin on the way? Wait a sec. When this is consumed more than 2 days a week, you actually create an insulin resistance in your body. This risks resulting in type 2 diabetes.


Most of the above listed are either packed or readymade foods. It doesn’t fill up your tummy. Even if it does, it releases a pile of unwanted sugar and carbs inside your bloodstream and destroys your health, especially diabetes patients.

Yeah, I could hear your question. Then what can I eat? All my favorites are mentioned above?

Remember, I will always give a healthy and natural alternative. They build strength and energy inside your body instead of giving unwanted things.

Fibre rich vegetables – I mentioned it like fibre rich because vegetables that grow under the ground are mostly carb rich. So, vegetables like beans, broccoli, lettuce, greenly leaves, red and green bell peppers etc. does good for diabetic patients.

Meats: seafoods, chicken (breast piece), eggs and low-fat diaries are diabetic friendly

Drinks: Light beer, little wine, black tea, black coffee can be on the list.

Fruits: fresh fruits are best.  No frozen, no condensed, just fresh


10 drinks to avoid in diabetes:

  1. Soda: Heard, that right? Let me give you a much more specific answer. Within 10 minutes of drinking it, it adds 10 teaspoons of sugar inside your body. I bet you the results by now.
  2. Diet soda: Yes. This is not a safe alternative either. Sweeteners are more problematic than sugars. Beware.
  3. Sports drinks: As the name states it’s good for sportsmen. But diabetic patients should stay off. Why take risk with something that contains more calories, sugars and sodium.
  4. Flavoured coffee: This is something called liquid carbs. We misassume this as a hungry saver. Actually it acts as a resistance in insulin produce
  5. Bottled tea: Yes black tea reduces weight and is rich in antioxidants. But this one sold in bottles are rich in carbs and sugar.
  6. Skim milk: when the fat in the milk is sucked out it turns to a carbohydrate beverage. What good does it do to the diabetes people?
  7. Vegetable oil: These Partially hydrogenated oils are a form of trans fat. Try extra virgin oil, avocado oil etc.
  8. Mixed drink cocktails: Adding alcohol to your juices or sodas, shoot up the sugar level in it. Diabetic persons should strictly avoid this.
  9. Honey, agave nectar, maple syrup: most of the diabetic patients use this as alternatives. Check the list below before you consume.

White sugar – 12.6gms

Honey – 17.3gms

Agave nectar – 16gms

Maple syrup – 13.4gms


Fruit Juices: Why make juices if you have good teeth? The amount of sugar added to it, makes it sugar rich.


I know most of it is your favourite and hearing it as NO you become stressed. Just think about our previous generations who lived their life without all these things. and our future generation who may acquire more problems if this became their lifestyle.

So let’s be the change and bring the change. All these little changes will make a  better future.


Lead your life:

Apart from all the details given above, do your everyday exercises. Have a fun filled life. Enjoy with your family. Our thoughts are the best medical environment. Keep it away from all the worries. Diabetic can never stop our life.

Our ailments do have a place in our everyday life. But the ailments alone cannot be our life. Have healthy foods, lead your life happily and live it to the fullest.


Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.


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Stay safe,stay healthy

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