10 exercise to boost your immune system

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Top 10 exercise to boost your immune system. Exercise to boost immune system and to improve your health. Immunity booster top 10 exercise.


During this covid situation world, everyone wants to keep themselves away from all kinds of diseases. People try to put their best effort in creating immune systems in their body by whatever is advised to them.

Yoga, aerobics, swimming are among the list to boost our immune system. All around the world people don’t want to go out even for a walk and search for all types of exercises that they can do from their home. With all said aerobics and yoga are the best to include in our daily life to kick start the immune system in the right way.


Before getting into the details of the exercises, let me give you a caution. People with knee pain, back pain, heart diseases, high BP, heart palpitation and vertigo please check with your doctor before starting any kind of exercises.




This is a breathing technique, the very best for boosting your immune system. The origin of pranayama was India that dates back to 6000 years. Given the current pandemic this has been practiced widely throughout the globe.


Let me explain how it works:

Keep yourself in a seated position comfortably. It’s better if you sit down and keep your legs crossed one over the other. If you don’t find that comfortable you may also sit in a chair or sofa.

Once you are comfortable place both your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Relax and slowly breathe in as much as oxygen you can. Now wait for about 10 seconds and breathe out completely for about 15 seconds exhaling everything in your lungs. Crunch it.

Initially you may find it difficult but once you get the grip you will find the peace. This will exhale all the last bit of unwanted air both in your lungs and belly. Thus, keeping you away from all viruses and bacteria.


To begin with, try for 10 minutes and slowly increase to 20 minutes a day. Other than this you will also be more peaceful and relaxing.


10 exercise to boost your immune system




Who can keep apart yoga when it comes to immune system health? WHO has recommended yoga to keep ourselves healthy.


How to do yoga?


Yoga is a slow phase movement exercise in which each inhale and exhale counts.

Initially you can start practicing Surya Namaskar.


Aerobic Exercises


This is the first set of exercises and each has to be done for 45s seconds and then you can rest for 15 seconds.


Side to side jumps:

Join your hands together at your heart centre and jump from side to side.


Drop squats:

Stand straight and keep your hands apart from your thighs. Jump once and while coming down separate your legs and squat to the ground. Keep your hands inside your legs while in squats position. Continue the same for 45 seconds.


Curtsy Lunges:

Bend one leg back and other in the front. Keep it sideways as you did for side to side jumps.

You can also use dumbbells on both your hands if you feel comfortable.


Planks with shoulder taps:

Keep yourself in a shoulder plank position and get the grip. Take the right hand and tap the left shoulder and do the same for the other side.


Knee huggers:

Sit and make it slightly boat position. Now hug your knees and lean back. Keep everything off the ground and make sure only the hips on the floor. Let your core crunch you.



The Ballet way


This is a ballet fitness exercise that opens your lungs and increases the air flow throughout the body. This way your upper respiratory system is cleared. This way of exercise increases the blood flow to higher energy levels and lower your stress levels.

This massages the digestive system and keeps your gut healthy. You will be in better shape if you practice this regularly since this strengthens the lower body and core muscles.


To begin, warm up yourself by keeping your toes firm on the ground and pulling your belly button in. Keep your tailbone little down. Bend a little and roll up your shoulders. Lift up your upper body and keep your hands engaged on both sides by lifting your face to the ceiling. As if you were splashing the water that is under the opposite people.


#1: First keep your knees and legs apart and make your toes face opposite directions. Keep your hands the same way and gently squat by pulling your tailbone down.

As you continue doing the above said place the left leg behind the right one and open up your hands gracefully by pulling the chin behind.  Keep all the weight on one leg that is on the front and pull your chest and hips forward. do 3 squats in the middle as mentioned above and do this on both sides. Beautiful.


#2: Now keep your legs hip length and pull your hip down to the chair position, Keep your both hands on your head lightly. While you stand up, open up your hands gracefully and place it behind your hips. Let your legs be in the same position.

As you continue doing this position for 3 times now lift your right leg to your chest and place both hands to your right knees. Now pull your belly button in, inhale and bend from your back hips massaging your spine and place your forehead on the top of your knee. Be in this position for 10 seconds and then exhale slowly pull your heads up first by gracefully opening up your hands to lengthen towards the head. Continue this for both sides. This should feel good.


#3: After equalizing for both legs, come back to a neutral position. Keep both legs a little wide and hands towards the ceiling. Inhale and pull yourself back gently, now bend down slowly till you touch your knees and try to touch your head crown down. You may place your hands on the ground for better grip and squat a little.

        Now pull yourself up by lifting the spine slowly and finally come to a natural position.


Simple at home:


This is a simple form of exercises that can be easily done for anybody.

Before doing any kind of exercises you must warm up your body to safeguard yourself from any form of injuries.

Try spot jogging for about 5 minutes in the beginning and pushing through 15 to 20 minutes as much your body permits. For these exercises it’s better to do knee and leg warm ups for about 10 minutes.

Let’s get to business.

Squat and side steps:

For this you have to squat for 2times and side step one leg. Come back to neutral and squat again for 2times and step the other leg sideways. Do this for 60 seconds.


Planks and lunges:

Make yourself in shoulder plank position and place the left leg forward near your hands. Now keep your right hand on the mat, lift your left hand towards the ceiling and switch sides. Again repeat this for 60 seconds.


Side step and back kick:

Keep your legs hip distance and squat. Place both hands to your hips and kick your right foot back straight. Now squat and bring to your previous position and kick your left foot back straight. Repeat sides. Once again 60 seconds.



Grab your opposite elbows and squat nonstop for 100 times. Try to sit lower every time.


    Lean the Leg on wall:

Keep your upper body on the ground and your lower body towards the ceiling. Now walk legs or simply life you hip to point your toes more towards the ceiling. Make it happen from your core not from your legs.

Right exercises along with nutritious food makes you healthy and wealthy.


Disclaimer:The article related to 10 exercise to boost your immune system is for educational purpose only and should not be took as professional advice.


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Stay safe,stay healthy

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